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Bay Port Valve & Fitting is the authorized stocking distributor of Winters instruments for the state of Florida.  Winters manufactures high quality RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detectors) for Industrial and sanitary applications.  These units accurately sense heat with an excellent degree of repeatability and interchangeability of elements.  They are designed for applications where sensitivity and application flexibility is of prime importance.


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Industrial RTD - Winters industrial RTD's  are designed for use in many industrial and HVAC applications to measure temperature in various ranges utilizing contact sensors.   Features include platinum resistance elements (wire-wound) which are supported by a high temperature glass adhesive inside a ceramic tube providing stability, repeatability and accuracy.  These units come with a 316 stainless steel probe and are available with an aluminum or stainless steel head.  Various stem lengths are also available, as well as an optional installed and calibrated 4-20mA transmitter. 
Sanitary RTD - Winters Tri-Clamp® RTD’s are used in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications.  Applied in sanitary environments due to its high accuracy, long-term stability and ability to repeat temperature measurement readings.  The standard polypropylene head material provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalines and moisture penetration.  Optional stainless steel heads are available along with various stem lengths and an optional installed and calibrated 4-20mA transmitter. 

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