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Bay Port Valve & Fitting is an authorized distributor of Archon Sight Glasses.  Archon offers a large variety of styles of sight glasses for different applications and maintains a large inventory for quick shipment.  Options are also available such as wipers and lighting systems.


Circular Sight Glasses

#KB - KB units are designed to be welded on. The lower weld pad is available in many alloys and is 150# rated standard, higher rated units are available. Plate flanges used in the manufacturing of our sightglasses are from ASME Section VIII acceptable materials. The lower weld pad can be provided with a cylindrical or spherical curve to match the vessel or tank, eliminating the need for special nozzles and expensive saddles.  KB units conform to section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

#KB-FT - KB-FT are Threaded units designed to be turned onto the ends of pipe for viewing in any position. The lower flange is a standard ANSI 150# Threaded flange. Higher rated units are also available. (300# and 600#).

#KB-RF - KB-RF are Bolt-on units designed for attachment to ANSI flanged nozzles or vessel studding outlets. The lower flange is a standard ANSI 150# Raised Face flange. Higher rated units are also available. (300# and 600#).

#KB-RF-NL - The ARCHON model KB-RF-NL provides a quick, efficient and economical way of adapting an existing studding outlet flange into a sightglass. This model utilizes the existing flange as your tank flange and ARCHON provides a full face gasket, lens, upper gasket and upper flange to bolt to your existing flange.  ARCHON can match your existing flange detail. We stock 150# standard raised face flanges but we also provide 300#, 600# and European DIN style flanges if required. 

#KB-WN - KB-WN are weld neck units designed to be welded on to pipe ends or into tanks or vessels. The lower flange is a standard ANSI 150# weld neck flange. Higher rated units are also available. (300# and 600#).

#SS-TC - The ARCHON model SS-TC is a sanitary sightglass that has Clamp-on ends. ARCHON can supply the complete unit including lower weld-on ferrule or everything required to clamp to your existing ferrule.
Available with 316L ASME weld ferrules with material certification for code vessels.
Ideal for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Dairy and General Processing Industries.

Obround and Rectangular Sight glasses

#RLG - The model RLG is designed for observation directly into a tank. Ideal for Liquid Level Indication. This model is a weld on unit with the lower pad welded directly to the tank or vessel wall.  Units are available with a cylindrical or spherical curve to match the vessel or tank.  Glass Lens can be either Reflex or Transparent.  Various lengths are available up to 141 '' .

#RLB-OB - The model RLG-OB is an Obround Sightglass allowing for maximum viewing of vessel or tank contents. These units conform to ASME code requirements and are manufactured using ASME acceptable materials.  The lower weld pad is available with a cylindrical or spherical radius to match the tank or vessel wall.  Standard lens material is Tempered Borosilicate and Tempered Soda Lime. Higher temperature material such as Vycor or Quartz is available.  Standard pressure ratings to 150 psig, higher ratings available to meet your requirements.

Quick Opening Sight Glasses

#HLH - The ARCHON model HLH Quick Opening Unit offers Lighting and Viewing in one sight glass with a mechanism for quick and easy opening and closing.  This unit is ideal for product sampling where a chemical or physical process needs a quick addition of components or where samples of the vessel contents are required for control purposes.  For Non-Hazardous applications only. Units are equipped with a momentary on/off switch. The Lighting units operate independent of operating conditions inside of the vessel.

#HLH-HP - Quick opening unit which allows you to view contents or quickly add some ingredients to your process.  Available with ASME certification and standard pressure rating to 50 psig. Ratings to 150 psig are available.  Silicone gasket is standard but other materials are available.  Standard sizes range from 150mm (6) to 300mm (12).  Very attractive, ideal for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical applications.

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