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Bay Port Valve & Fitting inventories a full line of Spirax Sarco steam products including traps, regulators, and valves.  Spirax Sarco is the recognized industry standard for knowledge and products and for over 85 years has been committed to servicing the steam users worldwide.  The existing and potential applications for steam, water and air are virtually unlimited.  Beginning with steam generation, through distribution and utilization and ultimately returning condensate to the boiler, Spirax Sarco has the solutions to optimize steam system performance and increase productivity to save valuable time and money.

Steam Traps
Steam Control Valves
Steam Regulating Valves
Condensate Recovery
Liquid Drain Traps
Pipeline Auxiliaries
Stainless Steel Specialties
Boiler Controls And Systems
Flow Meters & Flow Measurement
Engineered Products
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Spirax Sarco Product Overview A comprehensive range of the highest quality products for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids.



Spirax Sarco Design Of Fluid Systems Engineering Handbook


Spirax Sarco Steam Utilization Engineering handbook, Design Of Fluid Systems - This handbook represents over 80 years of steam experience in the proper selection, sizing and application of steam traps, pressure and temperature controls, and condensate recovery systems in major industrial plants throughout the world.

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